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OrCOOS MapThe Oregon Coastal Ocean Observing System (OrCOOS), a subregional partner of NANOOS (Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems), which is moving forward with  implementing a regional ocean observing system, brings together observations along the Oregon Coast to help address issues related to climate change, ecosystem preservation and management, coastal water quality, maritime operations, coastal hazards and national security.

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America’s oceans are in crisis and the stakes could not be higher. Tens of thousands of jobs in fishing, recreation and tourism depend on healthy, functioning coastal ecosystems. Now, thousands of jobs and billons of dollars of investment have either been lost or are jeopardized by collapsing fisheries. Pollution and sprawl threaten ocean-related tourism and recreation. We need a much greater financial commitment to improve our scientific understanding of marine ecosystems and human impacts, and to educate all Americans about the oceans.”
                                        -Pew Oceans Commission Final Report (June 2003)


Tuesday March 27, 2012: the NANOOS/CMOP mooring at NH-10 was deployed today at 44 deg 38.00’ N, 124 deg 18.20’ W. The next mooring turnaround is scheduled for October 2012. Near real-time ocean and atmosphere information is available HERE.

The NH-10 buoy went adrift on 01/18/1012. We hope to recover it in the coming days, weather permitting. Redeployment is currently scheduled for March 2012.

Wednesday November 23, 2011
NH-10 Position Update:
As a result of last night's storm the NH-10 buoy is now located 10 miles north of its original position. Its current position is 44 deg 47.89’ N, 124 deg 14.09’ W.

Lastest image from Yaquina Bay Jetty, OR.