Archived OrCOOS Data

Welcome to the OrCOOS data archive. Links to archived data are located to the right.

Mooring data are provided in a NetCDF file format. Click here to download an example script that shows how OrCOOS mooring data can be loaded and plotted in Matlab. This .m script was tested using Matlab (R14) Service Pack 1. A detailed description of how to read NetCDF files is available at the British Ooceanographic Data Centre web site. The most up2date information on the NetCDF file format is available at the Unidata web site.

Cruise data are provided as ASCII text files.

Archived Data

OrCOOS NH10 Mooring Data
July - October 2006

OrCOOS Cruise Data
OrCOOS cruise W0607a:
19-22 July 2006

OrCOOS cruise W0610c:
20-21 October 2006

RV Elakha Flow-Through Data
Summer 2007