An alongshore coastal current off the Oregon coast

The movie below shows a coastal current off Oregon during 10 days in summer 2001. To visualize the modeled alongshore coastal current, particles (shown as circles) are released in this model periodically in the northern part of the area. These particles flow on the surface with the current. At each time instant, tails behind the particles show their paths in the previous 6 hours. Different colors correspond to different temperatures on the surface. Red corresponds to warm water heated by the sun. Blue corresponds to cold water upwelled near the coast. Gray lines are bathymetric contours; they show where the ocean bottom is 100 and 200 meters deep. Note that the shelf is wider south of Lincoln City. Also note both the southward and offshore displacement of surface particles, resulting from the combined action of winds, the Earth rotation and flow around the wider part of the shelf (Heceta Bank complex).

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